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Friday, October 17, 2008

Standing Up Today Take Action Against Poverty Today and Tomorrow and on

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I am basically re-blogging my self. This is from the forum of the Orkut group of which I am a part. This is based on a previous post, Stand Up Take Action Online.

Last Post: by Brian Dowling

I have Stood Up Against Poverty today Online with the Australian Council for International Development Make Poverty History Campaign. There are relatively few events in the United State 196 compared to 176 on the British Isles. This has not gone mainstream in America. India has had the best showing with 760 events planned and over 27 million scheduled to attend. There are though some glimmers of hope in my own backyard. Here is my message on Standing Up Against Poverty and for the Millennium Development Goals.

Subject: Standing Up Against Poverty and for the Millennium Development Goals
Date: October 17, 2008 7:47:19 AM PDT

I am Standing Up Against Poverty and for the Millennium Development Goals Online as a member of the Orkut group End POVERTY / Fim POBREZA

I think of this as only a starting point, like the beginning of a race towards a goal. The question is how to get people to complete the marathon to the finish line? I believe that the online communities will be a very important tool in getting as many people involved as possible.

Brian Dowling
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