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Let's be the first generation to end poverty by 2015 with the United Nations' Eight Goal Millennium Campaign.
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Stand Up Take Action Online

Sphere: Related Content One of the objectives of this blog is to use social media to get the word out about the Millennium Development Goals. Just as important is getting the word in. Starr Guzman, the National Campaign Coordinator for the Australian Council for International Development Make Poverty History Campaign, is providing a way for Facebook users to send their participation in Stand Up Take Action in on the Internet. Great, if your one of those who can't tear themselves way from the laptop. Maybe, you will still be worked up over the Blog Action Day post you did two days before.

Starr Guzman wrote on October 10, 2008 at 9:24pm on the Stand Up Take Action Facebook page.

If you can't attend a STAND Up event in your region or can't organise your own, why not stand up online?

Last year over 5,000 people took a stand against poverty via an online stand up. Here's how you can participate this year.

Read the pledge as shown on the Stand up against poverty facebook page (or provided below).

Email us at - and let us know how many people are participating in your online action.

Let us know also what region of the world you're in and a postcode.

Once we've received your email, we'll add you via our official and approved online stand up action.



We are standing now with millions around the world on this symbolic day, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, to show our commitment to the fight against extreme poverty and inequality.

We are standing because we refuse to accept more excuses in a world where 50,000 people die every day as a result of extreme poverty and the gap between rich and poor is getting wider.

We are standing because we want our leaders to honour their promises to meet the Millennium Development Goals – and we ask them to exceed these goals.

We join in solidarity with people from over 100 countries to say:
To the leaders of the wealthy countries – We urge you to keep your promises on poverty – debt cancellation, more and better aid, trade justice and gender equality. To the leaders of poorer countries – make it your first responsibility to save the lives of your poorest citizens. We ask you to tackle inequality, to be accountable to your people, to govern fairly and justly, to fight corruption and to fulfill human rights. Today, and every day, we will stand up and speak out against poverty. We will continue the fight against poverty and inequality and t o hold our leaders to their promises.

We are asking not for charity but for justice. We are millions of voices standing in solidarity to say, no more excuses - end poverty now.

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