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Friday, October 10, 2008

Share - Across The Globe

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Both Blogging Action Day Poverty and I are on the same page that it's 5 days until the big day when over 7,000 blogs raise a ruckus against poverty.

Today is a great day to talk about No. 5. Share of the 6 different ways to make Blogging Day unforgettable. Easton Ellsworth (plug), who started this off with his Action Blog post, was kind enough to leave an encouraging comment at my post "3. Dream":

Brian, this series rocks! Thank you!

Tim O'Reilly, who was an initial source of inspiration, is telling the Web 2.0 world techies that they need to get more involved (my personal take on what he had to say).

The whole intention of this blog is to put forth my true thoughts and opinions about poverty on October 15 and beyond. It was social media accounts, or the people in them, that got me involved in this effort in the first place. I am participating in Facebook, MyBlogLog and am trying to start a diigo group, but the most fruitful has been Orkut. Aditi (a mysterious visitor to my other blog) led me to the Orkut group Stand Up Take Action Against Poverty (may have to join to see). The fact that I can join a group in India proves the global reach of blogging. I have been very impressed with what they have put together. They have reached 1,965 members and have a number of involved forums. Rupesh Manda from, which handles all the social media presence and management for UNDC s poverty campaign in India, was also supportive of my efforts. He recently told me that Blog Action Day is now Blogging Action Partner for UNMC now. Together we will make a difference!

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