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Monday, October 6, 2008

1. Ponder. Think about poverty.

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There are now 9 days until Blogging Action Day Poverty. My recent re-blogging of Easton Ellsworth's Action Blog post listed 6 different ways to make Blogging Day unforgettable.

1. Ponder. Think about poverty.

There are two components to this it would seem, the moral outrage and compassionate outpouring and the rational and systematic solutions. I have the moral outrage and I have compassion, but they are not, to my mind, going to bring about change. They may provide the impetus for the change, but at some point we need to put the outrage aside. Outrage only works for the short term, compassion can be made to work for the long term but it needs skillful means to be successfully realized. You should let the numbers appall you and let the images disturb your sleep, but you should not let the complexities of the causes and solutions vex you. These should be seen as solvable problems.

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