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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Blog Action Day TODAY!

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Like it says below, today is Blog Action Day. This is not my post for the effort. It is about half an hour before the work day and I am just putting this up to get the word out to a few more people who may not already been signed up.

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Blog Action Day - October 15thIt's Blog Action Day Today!

Hello Bloggers! The day is finally here and it's already rockin! Thousands of posts have been going up in the last few hours as countries wake up to Blog Action Day. Follow the action over at

Posts!Posts, Press and More ...

There are so MANY amazing posts, ideas and articles going up, here's just a small taste:

  1. Use Your Business Success To Help Eliminate Poverty
  2. How To Make Yourself Happier During the Economic Crisis
  3. On Footy and Poverty
  4. 30 Simple Ways to Battle Poverty With Technology
  5. 15 Volunteers with 200 Lunches hit the streets of San Antonio
  6. Instantiate Podcast- How Technology Companies are Contributing to Fighting Poverty

It's all happening people! Find TONS more articles through Google's Blogsearch

Kiva Lending TeamsStart a Kiva Lending Team!

Mobilize your blog audience into a Kiva Lending Team. Starting a lending team is easy and you can invite your readers to join getting them involved too!

Anyone can lend money to entrepreneurs, allowing them to build sustainable businesses in their areas to help lift the community!


MicroplaceMobilize your Audience to Microfinance at Microplace

Kiva is filling loans very fast! Fortunately you can also mobilize your audience to microfinance action with MicroPlace.

MicroPlace lets you invest in microfinance to enable loans to hard-working entrepreneurs in developing nations.

Visit MicroPlace

KivaB4BKiva B4B Donates $10k

The KivaB4B Project has committed $10,000.00 USD to Blog Action Day 2008 to help us encourage conversation about and solutions for alleviating poverty. Got an idea on how we should spend the $10,000? Tell us now.

BlogTalkRadio12hr BAD08 BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio will host a special 12-hour live radio show from noon to midnight Eastern (New York) time on Wednesday, October 15. Get call-in and prize info here (yes, there are prizes for good listeners!).

TheGlobalFund$1700 and Counting - Donate to the Global Fund

The Global Fund combats AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria which have a crippling effect on the fight against poverty.

You can donate to the Global Fund via:

AGoodCauseShop for Poverty with aGoodCause

As a part of Blog Action Day 2008 we've teamed up with who offer a revolutionary shopping concept
to fight poverty.

Now it is possible to fight poverty through shopping! Grab their software and when you purchase from more than 5,000 online shops you'll be automatically making a donation to a charity of your choice.

Digg!Vote for BAD08 on Digg & Reddit

Help get the word out about Blog Action Day through Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and ... well any way you can think of!

Voting buttons for Digg and Reddit are on the Blog Action Day homepage!

Solving PovertyPoverty Buttons - Proceeds to Charity

Buy one of these nifty Blog Action Day "Solving Poverty" buttons from CafePress and all profits go to entrepreneurs. Designs from PSDTUTS and VECTORTUTS artists.

Visit the CafePress Store or Buttons of Hope

Change.orgGet Social with and Causecast

It's always better doing things with friends, so get social and join one of these two awesome social networks for people interested in a better world!

Better yet, get your readers to join with you!

Visit | Visit Causecast

Stand Up Against PovertyOrganise a Stand Up Against Poverty Event!

The United Nations Stand Up Against Poverty event is happening just two days after Blog Action Day. Last year 43 million people participated and organisers are aiming to smash that record this year.

Why not organise a Stand Up event with your readers and help tell our leaders that poverty is an issue we care about passionately!

Visit StandAgainstPoverty

Heifer!Heifer - Charitable Gift Giving

We are thrilled to have the support of Heifer International as well. Heifer Intl is a nonprofit charitable organization based in Little Rock, Arkansas, dedicated to relieving global hunger and poverty. It provides gifts of livestock and plants, as well as education in sustainable agriculture, to financially-disadvantaged families around the world.

Visit Heifer

What Can 1 Person DoWhat Can One Person Do?

Looking for ideas on how regular people can make a difference? We've got lots of ideas - from advocacy to professional contribution, find out how you can get involved in the fight against poverty, and how you can get your readers involved too!

What can one person do?

... more updates on the Action Blog and Twitter Feed!
Not enough Blog Action Day updates for you? Tune into Easton's barrage of news and awesome links on the Blog Action Day Twitter Feed or the Action Blog

And from all the team ... Happy Blog Action Day!

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