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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 Reminder! 7 Days To Blog Action Day October 15th

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I was going to write another post on Blog Action Day using Easton Ellsworth's Action Blog post No. 2. Believe, as a launching point. Blog Action Day provided something more noticeable, so I am going with that. If 5,540 Sites plus both the Spanish and English parliaments are planning on participating, then I can believe also. My curmudgeonly inspired question is, will you believe on October 16th or next year?
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7 Days to Go - Have you registered?

Hello Bloggers!

We've got just 7 days to go before Blog Action Day 2008 - and we want to make sure everyone who participated in 2007 has had a chance to register their blogs to post up on October 15th and join us once more in shaking the internet!

Register at:

In 2008 we're discussing Poverty and we're all set for a huge year with thousands of bloggers registered to participate, including dozens of top bloggers like TechCrunch, LifeHacker and more!

Additionally we have members of both the Spanish and English parliaments planning on participating, a ton of great organisations including the United Nations Millenium Campaign, Friendster, MySpace, Kiva, BlogTV,, and lots more.

Head over to for all the updates and news!

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