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Sunday, October 5, 2008

10 Days To Think About How to Make Blog Action Day 2008 Unforgettable

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It is 10 days until Blog Action Day 2008, so it is a good day to re-blog Easton Ellsworth's post on How to Make Blog Action Day 2008 Unforgettable which appeared the Blog Action Day 2008 blog on 9/22/08. I usually try to summarize or combine ideas from different sources so that it's not just copying, but I am leaving this one basically alone. Easton's post follows:

Please, please share this with your friends.

1. Ponder. Think about poverty.

Ponder the plight of the world's poor and your place in the grand scheme of things. Consider the things you have that others have not. Let the numbers appall you. Let the images disturb your sleep. Let the complexities of the causes and solutions vex you. Let the depth and emotion of this sensitive subject rock you to your core.

2. Believe.

Do you really think that you can make a difference in the global conversation this October 15 just by blogging about poverty and doing something about it? We believe you can. Do you?

3. Dream.

There is no such thing as a lack of opportunity - only a lack of vision. This is not a pointless exercise. This is a chance to grab the world by the ears for one day. You have the power to rally hundreds of people around you in your family, friends and community to do something on October 15 that calls attention to the issue of poverty. There is no limit to what you can do - unless you think there is. So dream up a brave, original way to make the world a little richer, even if only in knowledge, through your participation in Blog Action Day 2008.

4. Act.

Make Blog Action Day not just a day of blogging, but also a day of action. Our worldwide impact will be great if we all talk about this issue, but far greater if we do something about it and talk about what we are doing.

5. Share.

Let the world know your true thoughts and opinions about poverty on October 15. Use your blog, your social media accounts, and any other means you can to spread your ideas. Join with other Blog Action Day participants to generate a collective noise far louder than any you could could muster on your own.

6. Change.

Decide to care a little more about poverty from now on. When it comes up in conversation, take it seriously. Changing the conversation is the first step toward changing the people in it. Please join us in making Blog Action Day 2008 an unforgettable experience for thousands - maybe millions - of people across the world.

Your Turn

What other ideas do you have? How can Blog Action Day 2008 actually make a real difference to the world of tomorrow?

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