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Monday, September 28, 2009

BloggersUnite for Stand Up Take Action End Poverty Now!

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As of this writing the Stand Up Take Action End Poverty Now! Global Event is less than 17 days 20 hours and 16 minutes and some seconds away. For more information on this important event see the right hand column of this blog.

Finally got registered at the Home Page | Stand Against Poverty Take Action End Poverty Now! site and submitted the Bloggers Unite event created especially for this cause.

Here is the event at the Stand Up site. BloggersUnite for Stand Up Take Action End Poverty Now!. The widget they provided takes you to additional information and has an e-mail reminder.

So far there are 5 bloggers, besides myself participating, but I hope for more. I will also be blogging for other similar events going on at the same time - World Food Day , The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and Stand Up Against Corruption and Poverty. This way I and anybody else can get at least twice the bang for their posts. The more people that participate, by whatever means, the more the United Nations Millennium Campaign gets to count.

Anybody who wants to Join This Event needs to part of BloggersUnite.

Here is a Map showing where other Stand Up events across the globe will be going on.

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