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Friday, September 11, 2009

Telling the CA senate: pass the climate bill Don't Let Big Polluters Outsource Air Quality

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Both the NPCA National Parks Conservation Association and UCS Union of Concerned Scientists have taken a stand supporting AB 1404. The focus of this bill is California, but global warming knows no boundaries. This is basically a re-blog of information that I received from both organizations. Unfortunately, while I did participate in both, I may be too late in doing any good with this blog. Still, it is good to know where the lines are being drawn and this struggle is far from over.

AB 1404 (De Leon - D) Limits the ability of building owners and developers to engage in market-based programs to reduce greenhouse gasses. Requires the ARB to limit the use of certain compliance offsets to a certain percentage of the greenhouse gas emission reductions.

The NPCA is urging California's lawmakers to do their part by passing AB 1404. This is a bill that will limit the use of carbon offsets that large polluters could use to comply with California's climate change policies to just 10%. As the policy is now, big polluters could pay for unverifiable overseas projects for up to 49% of their compliance obligations, rather than reducing pollution at home here in California. Passage of AB 1404 means that the air quality benefits associated with reducing greenhouse gas emissions stay in California and improve the air quality in our national parks.

Let's Clear the Air in California's National Parks on behalf of NPCA and Take Action: Industry lobbyists have AB 1404 at the top of their "kill" list. They want to defeat this bill because it limits the use of "offsets" as credits that allow big polluters to avoid reducing their own emissions by paying for emission reductions elsewhere. Write your State Senator today and ask them to support this critical legislation.. You can keep up with what the NPCA are doing at .

The UCS tells us that Industry lobbyists have AB 1404 at the top of their "kill" list because it limits the use of "offsets"—credits that allow big polluters to avoid reducing their own emissions by paying for emission reductions elsewhere.

Your state senator will be voting on this bill in the next few days. Please write today and urge your senator to support AB 1404.

Take Action Now

Contact your state senator today

Dear Senator,

I am writing to urge you to support AB 1404, which will help create jobs and boost California's thriving clean technology industries by limiting the use of "offsets" for compliance with California's global warming regulations.

AB 1404 is a balanced approach to the issue of global warming offsets that. The bill allows some offsets to be used, but sets parameters on the amount and type to limit polluters outsourcing their investment in climate solutions. An over-reliance on offsets would not only cost the state desperately needed local jobs and air quality benefits, but would also make reaching our state's long-term global warming goals more expensive. That's why more than 90 public health, labor, business, environmental, religious, and social justice groups have endorsed AB 1404.

Please vote for AB 1404 to ensure that California receives the most clean air benefits and new, local jobs possible under our global warming policies.

Write today to urge your state senator to close the loophole in California's Global Warming Solutions Plan

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