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Friday, September 18, 2009

Two Pathways For Having Your Say on Climate Control

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Two different pathways for getting involved with influencing the United Nations led conference on Climate Control. The first for the more extroverted and the second for the less so. This were dealt with before at the Taking Global Action to protect the environment sooner better than later post.

A staggering Avaaz announces 1000 events in 88 countries for next Monday's great global climate wake up call!

Check out this incredible list and map of over 1500 events for the great global climate wake-up call on Monday. Brazil has 153 events, France 95, New Zealand 26 --

Let's make sure leaders at the UN climate summit wake up on Tuesday morning to news that 1559 rallies, marches, meetings and "flashmobs" across the planet have flooded the airwaves and their phone lines with an irresistible call for action...

The press is reporting that urgent negotiations on a global deal to stop a climate catastrophe are in shambles - our leaders just aren't making the hard choices needed -- they're feeling more pressure from oil and coal companies than they are from ordinary people concerned about reversing the climate crisis and unleashing a new green economy. Sept. 21st is the moment to change all that.

Not all events are the same -- many Wake-Up Call events are thrilling in their variety -- monks will chant prayers, churches will ring bells, some will show the new cool climate film "Age of Stupid". Click to find an event nearby, RSVP, and tell friends about it:

Images and videos from the Global Wake-Up Call events will be combined and shown in 700 satellite-linked cinemas at the Age of Stupid's global premiere!

Here is the second pathway

UN Foundation
You've heard about the drastic global effects of climate change -- severe heat waves, intense droughts, and rising sea levels. Many of us picture these impacts happening in far-off lands in arid deserts or on polar ice caps. But climate change hits closer to home than that: your home.

In our last e-mail
, you read about how our world leaders will address climate change on a high level at Copenhagen. But now is our time to act -- when more than six billion of us can tell our leaders how climate change will forever alter our everyday lives.

Tell us what you'll miss most if we don't act soon. Visit the "It's Getting Personal" Climate Board, and share your quotes, videos, and pictures describing what's about to disappear from your life due to climate change.

It can be a person, place, or thing … written, taped, or photographed … whatever best captures the impact of climate change on YOU.

It's getting personal. Submit your story to the Climate Board and make your voice heard!

Together, we can bring this issue to the forefront. Thank you!


The UN Foundation Climate and Energy Team
(Reid, Ryan, Jana, Kurt, and John)

P.S. Want to learn more about climate change? You can browse our site and check out the climate glossary for more info.

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