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Friday, September 25, 2009

Tell the G20 to go to Africa Again. Why Africa? Ask Africa or Draw the G20 a Picture

Sphere: Related Content The folks from ONE are again asking everybody to Ask the G20 to go to Africa.
Africa must be part of the global economic recovery, and we can help make that happen by asking the G20 to hold an upcoming summit in Africa.

I have already signed and as of this post they have 76,846 which means they reached 76% of their NEW goal of 100,000 signers. This is a reblog of a couple of ONE emails, but hopefully it does some good and arguably the push to have the G20 meeting in Africa can continue after Pittsburgh.

ONE is taking two approaches. One is from Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank.

In my job as President of the African Development Bank, I see the potential of Africa every day. But it is necessary that the G20 see that potential, too—and include Africa in their plans for a new global economic foundation.

That is why I support ONE in asking the leaders of the G20 nations to hold an upcoming summit in Africa. Bringing the G20 to Africa would make it impossible to ignore the role Africa must play in any successful global economic recovery. You can click this link to sign ONE's petition and add your voice to this urgent campaign:
The petition reads:Dear G20 Leaders,
Please hold an upcoming G20 Summit in Africa, and see for yourselves how its one billion people can be part of the global economic recovery.

As this group of twenty of the most powerful world leaders gather in Pittsburgh this week, I hope you'll join me in asking them to host an upcoming summit in Africa and see for themselves that Africa is part of the solution:
The other is mural is in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh, where the G20 – a group made up of the leaders of twenty of the world's most powerful nations.

This stunning visual petition asks those leaders to host a future summit in Africa and focus the attention of the world on how Africa can be part of a stronger, more stable global economy.
And trust me, the presidents, prime ministers, and members of the media following them here in Pittsburgh won't be able to miss it.

Ask others to add their voices and check out this powerful message-by-mural, and you'll be doing everything possible to tell the G20 to host an upcoming summit in Africa:
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