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Friday, October 2, 2009

Register for Stand Against Poverty! October 16-18

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This is straight from the Stand Up Take Action End Poverty center. The online event I registered at the Stand Up site is here BloggersUnite for Stand Up Take Action End Poverty Now! The BloggersUnite event that I set up is BloggersUnite for Stand Up Take Action End Poverty Now!


Stand Against Poverty


On October 16, 17 and 18th, millions of people around the world will "Stand Up and Take Action" against poverty and for the Millennium Development Goals. The mobilization will send a clear message to world leaders that we refuse to be silent in the face of ongoing poverty and inequality. Stand Up & Take Action, coordinated by the UN Millennium Campaign and the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP), is a global event in which citizens urge their leaders to keep their promises to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

We heard from organizers around the world about the many Stand Up events planned. These events include concerts, silent vigils, tree plantings, campus rallies and many more creative event ideas. Last year 116 million people participated, breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest mobilization around a single-cause event in recorded history.


The relaunched Stand Up Website has a number of interactive and inspiring features, such as a STAND UP MAP showcasing events happening around the world, powerful personal stories from people whose lives Stand Up has motivated and influenced positively and an EVENT CENTER where you can download design prints such as banners, posters, buttons, T-Shirts, logos and brochures in different languages.


If you would like to organize a Stand Up event, just register at and describe your event - large or small. In order to be counted for the Guinness World Record, remember to report back after your event, the number of people who participated. Your event has to take place between October 16 -18 2009 and you have time to upload the number of participants until Sunday October 18, 23:59, your local time zone. Please make sure to take photos and videos of your event, and upload it to the website in order for your event to be featured.

To find a "Stand Up" event close to you, visit the website and click on "STAND UP MAP" and you'll find a global map with events in your area. If you can't join a "Stand Up" event in person, you can participate virtually from October 16 - 18, 2009 by going to the website and clicking register-just like you would for any other event. Once you verify your email, just check the box that says "Online event" in Step One of the Event registration process. At the end of the registration, you'll get an embed code to use on your website. That's it!

Be a part of the global movement to end poverty - STAND WITH US!

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