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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Checklist for Stand Up Organizers - an online version

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As of the writing of this post there are 5 day 16 hours and some minutes and seconds left until the Stand Up Take Action event.

This blog is leading a registered Online Stand Up event through BloggersUnite for Stand Up Take Action End Poverty Now!! There are, according to the organizers, over 135 events registered in Canada and the United States, with more being planned every day throughout the world. That makes this blog a small voice in a global movement to raise our collective voice against hunger and poverty -- and break another Guinness World Record for the event (October 16, 17 and 18). Even though this is an online event, I still checked out the advice on planning the event.

PLANNING YOUR EVENT: As my main connection with this effort is through this blog, it made sense to start my own online event and see if I could get people to participate virtually. One piece of advice was to promote your event across your networks and encourage others to participate. I have done this through my Facebook page, my Ning account at United Actions Global Network, and the Orkut page which I help moderate and which recently got changed to Let's Facebhookh (a globally inspired play on words). It also suggested that I find materials at the "Event Center" at and provide their brochure for study, translation and make it available for print. The Google translator connected with this blog makes translation easy.

DURING COUNT AND CAPTURE YOUR EVENT: Counting should be easy as so far 7 people are participating in this online event. In my case it is more symbolic than physical bringing up issues of slacktivism, but as people could participate by simply clicking the widget and I have basically accepted my slacktivistic status, I won't worry about that. The organizers also want to ensure that we have a witness who is independent to verify the event. In my case, that should not be a problem as this is online and therefore easily verifiable and part of BloggersUnite.

They also want to make special NOTE that Stand Up and Take Action events or in our case blog posts should only happen from October 16 to October 18 to count towards the Guinness World Record challenge. Now comes the part were bloggers should shine. Tell us your stories! No matter how large or small your event is, we want to hear from you. Tell us how Stand Up is making a difference in your life (e.g., how you met new community members; what motivates you to work on poverty issues, etc.). The want us to document our stories at:

AFTER REPORT YOUR EVENT: They want the numbers reported at as soon as possible, actually immediately, but as this is online blog posts or widget clicks (the height of slacktivism, but they still count) are due in by Monday 5:00 am Pacific time, which is where I live.

Here is a bonus that they provided Get the Stand Up iPhone App!

The Stand Up iPhone application is now available for FREE. It allows iPhone users to see a countdown to the event and take part in our online Stand Up. See:

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