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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Voices from across the globe call out to End Poverty Now!

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Citizens attempt to break another Guinness World Record by showing their governments they won't stand for broken promises to world's poorest. Here are some voices from around the globe.

This is the last day of the Stand Up Take Action End Poverty campaign. Here are some of the voices that have spoken up at BloggersUnite for Stand Up Take Action End Poverty Now!

Hal786 is a Muslim girl from the United Kingdom. My introduction to her was through my other blog at Blogging about Hardship to Ease and Other Paths Showing the Way From Hardship to Ease. Her perspective on Stand Up Take Action End Poverty Now!

In Islam, we believe that giving money to charity is a very blessed action. Muslims believe that there are 3 actions in this world which will grant us rewards even in the grave!! Yes, that’s right, 3 things which you will be blessed for, given rewards by God for even when you are dead. One of the things is giving money to charity. ‘Ongoing charity’ .

From asimplicity of [] we got Stand Up Now Against Poverty and Inequality.

Connect with your fellow humans on a global scale and let it be known that we care, we know and that we want an end to poverty and inequality. Change can be achieved!!!

More ways to Take action against poverty from Moansters Incorporated

Small actions can make a big difference, so choose yours and take a step to making poverty a thing of the past. Because poverty is not just being too poor to buy a glow-in-the-dark bat, or a pumpkin-shaped candy bucket.
I already introduced two bloggers from the Philippines in my post Today is the Day Stand Up and Be Counted to support World Food Day and End Poverty! One post from Ang Sa Wari Ko who wrote Ang silbi ng 45 pesos at ang isyu ng kahirapan [English Translation]
Since 2004 data provided to me by UNDP and until now 33% from the population of the Philippines is experiencing they call extreme poverty in which they budget in one day is less than 1 Dollar or 45 pesos to the money we .That the only standing only value is specific for only a few pieces of noodles, rice and half papaladin are there with a few pieces of dry, eggs and soap depends also how to budget it, but how the pagsisiksikin these needs if the family that bu-budget are less than five members?

The other from 2Rivers who wrote Can We End Poverty In Our Generation.

Imagine yourself living in an isolated village surrounded by barren fields and wilted crops, with the seasons bringing nothing but drought and mosquitoes carrying malaria.“This is a story about ending poverty in our time,” says Jeffrey D. Sachs, director of the U. N. Millennium Project, in his landmark The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities For Our Time. “More then 8 million people around the world die each year because they are too poor to stay alive.”

It’s time to end this madness. Here’s how.

I will leave the last words to those who have helped lead this campaign with a few links added.

"With just six years left until the deadline by which heads of state have pledged to eradicate extreme poverty and its root causes, 'Stand Up' will be a stark reminder that citizens will not accept excuses for governments breaking promises to the world's poorest and most vulnerable citizens," said Salil Shetty, Director of the United Nations Millennium Campaign.
"This year's mobilization will place particular emphasis on telling world leaders that their track record on women's rights, maternal mortality and hunger is unacceptable. Citizens refuse to accept the fact that 70 percent of the people living in poverty are women and children [ENDING POVERTY—Why Empower Women and Girls? pdf] and 500,000 women continue to die annually in the process of giving life, and they are demanding urgent action from their leaders.
"Millions of people are standing up against poverty, while politicians are sitting on their hands," said Adelaide Sosseh, Co-Chair of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) based in The Gambia. "The combined effects of the economic, climate and food crises are affecting people of all ages and stations in life, in all countries - especially women -- but those already living in poverty are the hardest hit. Given the amounts found to bail out banks in just a year, we know the resources are not lacking. It´s this lack of political will to tackle poverty that remains the biggest motivation behind Stand Up participation."

People can still Stand Up virtually and be counted towards what organizers hope will be a new Guinness World Record by clicking on the Stand Up Now button in the Today Stand Up and Be Counted widget in the right hand column of this blog.

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