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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Standing, Blogging, Electing - Small Acts of Great Change

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There are upcoming chances to participate in social actions against poverty, either Stand Up Take Action or Blog Action Day. These actions should be put in perspective. They are worthwhile endeavors that should be supported, but their worth is enhanced by the number of people who participate. My personal standing for one minute or writing a blog post for a day is like a drop of water. Admittedly, even writing, and maintaining this blog takes only an hour or two out of my day. It is no where near the same level as those dedicating their lives under Others Supporting Millenium Development Goals. Million drops in motion can move mountains but that force needs to be focused.

Another simple act that takes little time, but could have a far greater impact on the Millennium Development Goals, is voting for the next United States President. What takes the most time is educating ourselves. To help in that choice, Global Development Matters is a site provided by the Center for Global Development that includes their blog Election 08.

In the short time since its founding, CGD has rapidly earned a reputation as a unique "think and do" tank, where independent research is channeled into practical policy proposals that help to shape decisions in Washington and other rich country capitals.

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Dorothee said... also has a host-a-screening initiative for the "A Dollar a Day" film series in October, just in time for Blog Action Day! If you're in the Chicago area, come out for our event:

Or host your own screening - it's easy!

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