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Monday, September 1, 2008

Big business can and should make ethical investments

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Back on 7/20/08 the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre wrote Big business can and should make ethical investments.

Many people think ethical investments are a worthy but inconsequential sideline away from the business of making big money an indulgence for do-gooders. But the example of the second largest sovereign wealth fund (SWF) in the world, after Abu Dhabi's, may give them food for thought. Norway's Government Pension Fund, worth a dizzying 203bn, frequently flexes its ethical muscles. [refers to Wal-Mart, BAE Systems]

They got their story from the Gwladys Fouché's article in the Guardian on Sunday July 20 2008. Her statement that big businesses can and should make ethical investments is an "ought" statement not a "true/false" statement. I not sure I count the Norway's Government Pension Fund, as big business per se. More like a "big business" watchdog populated it would seem by those with an activist's mindset. That should not be surprising as Norway is one of only five countries meeting the basic funding goal for the millennium development goals. The article does raise the question and possibility of ethical investment by businesses. She links to the article on Understanding ethical investment by By David Elms Chief executive,

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