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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stern: Urgent Action Called For on Climate and Development

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The upcoming UN High Level event is, despite my skepticism from the last post, an opportunity to define a future path to bringing the Millennium Development Goals into reality. In researching the initial resources for this blog I found the following from Center for Global Development posted back on 7/14/08. Once again, the question of need has been established and urgency emphasized. As to the answer of whether or not we will see any bottom to top dialogue or any sense of urgency from the member countries that remains to be seen.

Stern Urges Action on Climate and Development in Third Annual Sabot Lecture

Lord Nicholas Stern, author of the Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change, called for a new form of conditionality – with developing countries setting the conditions for rich countries this time around – in CGD's third annual Richard H. Sabot Lecture. Speaking on "The Economics of a Global Deal on Climate Change," Lord Stern asked whether the global community is willing to invest today to avoid a far-more costly tomorrow.

Lord Stern's presentation (pdf) focused on five main points:

  1. Our atmosphere’s current carbon stock;
  2. The world’s carbon flows;
  3. Carbon-intensive sectors of the economy;
  4. Connecting climate change and development; and
  5. The prospects for a global deal on reducing greenhouse gas emissions

CGD outreach and policy assistant Joel Meister summarizes the highlights of the lecture, providing links to video, transcript, photos, and a comment by CGD president Nancy Birdsall.

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