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Monday, September 8, 2008

Sounding the alarm against further erosion of the Millennium promises by nations of developers

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Two articles today in the Los Angeles Times demonstrate that the struggle to implement the Millennium Development Goals are not only a matter of realizing the so far broken promises, but to also prevent receding even further from those goals.

Henry Chu, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer on September 8 2008 wrote on

Dharavi, India's largest slum, eyed by Mumbai developers
The rich of Mumbai want to turn the prime real estate into high-rises and parks. The poor but industrious residents won't go without a fight.

MUMBAI, INDIA; Reincarnation is Kallu Khan's stock in trade.

While Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer, covers a story across the globe in Europe on the same day.

Spain's environmentalists sound alarm


A building boom is endangering some of the most precious flora and fauna in Europe, and sucking an already arid region dry.

TOLEDO, SPAIN; A frayed copy of "Don Quixote" was tucked under the front seat of Roberto Oliveros' battered white truck as he sallied forth through the fast-changing plains of central Spain.

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These articles bring into question the viability of Millennium Development Goal number 8. Global Partnership. Although Global Partnership refers more particularly to debt cancellation and fair trade, if the poor have no true voice their ability to negotiate on their own behalf and benefit is meaningless. In regards to the environment, we have 3 types of resources, those that can be renewed, those that cannot be renewed and those that can only be squandered.

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