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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Escaping poverty traps

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In a previous post, I posted about the small interventions that have been recommended by the Millennium Project. We also need to be aware of the challenges in implementing even these small changes.

Andrew Shepherd on 7/2/08 wrote on the Prelude to the Chronic Poverty Report 2008: Escaping poverty traps via Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Blog.

The ODI Blog is featured below under Millennium Bloggers with Minds of Their Own. The post is almost two months old and was found while creating this blog. It is still worthwhile including in these early posts. I have added some updated links.

[It] is clear that many of today's poor will simply stay poor, even if economic growth is sustained. They are caught in one or more of five poverty traps:
  1. insecurity of life or livelihood;
  2. weak citizenship status;
  3. living in a deprived area;
  4. experiencing social discrimination;
  5. or held back by poor quality work.
The second international Chronic Poverty Report, launched next week (event), shows that the poorest can be included in progress. ...(read more)

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