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Let's be the first generation to end poverty by 2015 with the United Nations' Eight Goal Millennium Campaign.
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

In Action on the MDGs - Making NOISE for the MDGS and taking it up a notch

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The Make NOISE to End Poverty Worldwide in support of the Millennium Development Goals or MDGs is still growing. Supporting the MDGs is the primary reason for this blog. So if anybody else is out there doing the same its worth reporting. There are two basic approaches to reporting on the Millennium Development Goals - education and inspiration. Here are examples of both.

Kathy Bushkin Calvin, the CEO of the UN Foundation, wrote recently that,

You may not have realized it before, but your actions have moved us closer to solving some of the world's biggest problems. You are helping advance the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
Next month, the UN will convene world leaders to review our progress on the MDGs. This important summit in New York needs your voice and support -- together, we're going to make significant progress toward ending poverty and hunger, improving the health of mothers and children, fighting preventable diseases, and bringing universal energy access to all. We are going to do all this by supporting the United Nations and working in partnership to focus attention and resources where they matter most. We know the UN is the institution with the international reach and capacity to accelerate our goals and improve lives.

Well, the truth is that she was writing about all of us taking part in this effort. Problem is that while millions are taking part online and especially in the streets, there still isn't enough awareness in the mainstream of the developed countries, particularly in the United States. I could be wrong about other parts of the world, but I suspect not. The challenge, as I see it is still a matter of education. The UN Foundation has put together a resource to help people learn about the Millennium Development Goals, ( I will put aside the question as to why they did not just use this blog for the time being ;-}) which if they want me to share to increase their impact, I am more than happy to do so.

The MDGs are not only a "to-do" list for the UN and world leaders, but as people with a global perspective, they are our to-do list as well.

Find out more about the MDGs and how you can help advance them on our new "MDGs in Action" page

MDGs in Action

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