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Saturday, August 28, 2010

KENYA: Poor Women Beset On All Sides By Violence and other stories on the MDGs

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I have not put up anything for sometime because of work and trying to work out some issues with the Stand Up Take Action folks. So in typical up against the deadline or way late blogger fashion, here is a reblogged posting of what has been happening in the world regarding the Millennium Development Goals.

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DEVELOPMENT-AUSTRALIA: It's Not Just About More, But Better, Aid
Neena Bhandari
SYDNEY, Aug 19 - Australia's foreign aid budget is likely to double by 2015, but civil society groups say this is far from enough if it is to keep to its "fair share" of commitments to poorer countries.

AFRICA: Woman Researcher Tackles Aflatoxin Poisoning
Isaiah Esipisu
NAIROBI , Aug 18 - Despite a bumper harvest of maize just a few months ago, many residents in the eastern part of Kenya are facing hunger and starvation. While granaries in the region may be full, the grain cannot be sold, let alone be eaten.

Q&A: "We Must Move from a Masculine to a Feminine Economy"
Mario Osava interviews Brazilian feminist ROSE MARIE MURARO
RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug 17 - It is necessary to move from a "masculine" economy based on competition and a win-lose mentality to a "feminine" win-win economy based on the concept of collaboration, says writer Rose Marie Muraro, one of the pioneers of Brazil's feminist movement.

SWAZILAND: Finding Ways to Care for HIV Orphans
Mantoe Phakathi
KANGCAMPHALALA, Swaziland , Aug 17 - In the poor, drought-stricken community of Kangcamphalala, AIDS orphan Nomvula Dladla* is in tears. The 17-year-old has been told that her aunt, the only surviving relative she could live with, passed away a few hours ago of an HIV-related illness. And if she had been living anywhere else in the country, it would have made Dladla destitute.

Niger Facing Growing Food Crisis
Ousseini Issa*
NIAMEY, Aug 17 - In April, the United Nations World Food Programme estimated it would need 190 million dollars to respond to a food crisis threatening more than 7 million people in Niger. By July, the WFP had revised the amount needed upwards to $371 million: a month later, the U.N. agency has been forced to scale back aid for lack of funds.

KENYA: Poor Women Beset On All Sides By Violence
Susan Anyangu-Amu
NAIROBI, Aug 17 - "My daughter had repeatedly tried to describe to me what her step-father would do to her when I was not home," says Wanza*, a 28-year-old mother resident of Nairobi's Mathare slum. "On this particular night I pretended to be asleep and watched as he left our bed and went for my eight-year-old daughter."

RWANDA: Improving the Lives of Small-Scale Farmers
Aimable Twahirwa
KIGALI, Aug 16 - Joelle Nsamira Kajuga, a female agricultural researcher has a ready answer to describe which modified crop will produce a higher yield, which will be resistant to bacteria, and which will ensure food security and generate a higher turnover for poor small-scale farmers in different regions in Rwanda.

MALAWI: Local Management the Tonic for Water Woes
Charles Mpaka
BLANTYRE, Aug 16 - Hop over a seep of filthy sludge behind a bathroom screened with ragged sacks, turn past the toilet with battered cardboard walls, crab between mud-brick shanties roofed with rusty metal... There: emerge into a small, neat yard where a dozen women and girls are filling plastic buckets from five water taps sticking out of concrete wall.

U.N. Targets "Lost Generation"
Jennifer Leong
UNITED NATIONS, Aug 16 - Even as the U.N. launched the International Year of Youth last week, one of its agencies was warning of a "lost generation" of disillusioned young workers who are unable to find decent jobs.

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Land Reform Underfinanced and Failing
Fidelis Zvomuya
RAFFINGORA, Zimbabwe, Aug 14 - Mavis Muchena sits on the veranda of her mud hut, a middle-aged single mother of four with a face worn beyond her years and hands creased from working the soil. She should represent the future of a renewed farming boom in Zimbabwe, but instead she represents its failure.

GUATEMALA: Multi-Pronged Effort to Boost Food Security Still Falling Short
Danilo Valladares
GUATEMALA CITY, Aug 13 - "I used to work on the south coast, cutting sugar cane, and I would go all the way to Belize to pick oranges during the harvest. I went through a lot so we could get by," Héctor Pan, a Q'eqchi Indian in Guatemala who has now abandoned farming to become a river rafting guide, told IPS.

SOUTH SUDAN: Children Too Hungry to Return to Civilian Life
Zack Baddorf
SOUTH SUDAN, Aug 13 - When Timothy was forced into the southern Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) at age 11, the first thing they did was beat him. Then they took him to a military base where his tasks were to carry other soldiers' bags, wash their clothes, collect firewood for them, and cook their food.

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