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Friday, August 6, 2010

Fwd: Developing More Top African Women Research Scientists

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These are stories regarding the Millennium Development Goals featured in the IPS Inter Press Service found further down below these posts under Global News Sources.

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SOUTHERN AFRICA: Removing Barriers to Trade
Charles Mpaka*
BLANTYRE, Aug 4 - Cecilia Gondwe waits in the shade of a tree at the Mwanza Border Post between Malawi and Mozambique. Somewhere inside, a clearing agent is completing elaborate paperwork on her behalf.

ZAMBIA: Election Violence Could Mean Fewer Women Participants
Kelvin Kachingwe
LUSAKA , Aug 4 - There are growing fears that increasing numbers of women candidates and voters may not participate in the 2011 general elections because of an upsurge in election-related violence.

DR CONGO: Sticks And Straw Out of Our Schools
Badylon K. Bakiman
KIKWIT, DR Congo, Aug 3 - Led by the local church, residents of Gungu administrative zone, in the southwestern Democratic Republic of Congo have used their own resources to transform the conditions in which their children study.

HIV-positive Kenyans Need Tribunal to Address Rights Violations
David Njagi
NAIROBI, Aug 3 - Nancy Njeri's life changed when she contracted HIV through a gang rape. Not only did the infection traumatise her, she was ostracised by close friends and neighbours whom she had known for almost a decade. She was fired from her job and when she attempted to sell vegetables, people boycotted her stand because of her status.

SOUTHERN AFRICA: Boost Cross-Border Trade for Food Security
Lewis Mwanangombe*
LUSAKA, Aug 3 - Small-scale traders on either side of the Mwami Border Post between Zambia and Malawi are key to meeting local demands that larger importers do not.

Developing More Top African Women Research Scientists
Isaiah Esipisu
NAIROBI, Aug 2 - In a tiny village near Kisumu city in Kenya, scientific researcher Mary Anyango Oyunga spends most of her time educating women about something they have always done – grow sweet potatoes.

Q&A: Clean Energy and Cultural Survival in Nicaragua
Julio Godoy interviews ANNE-CÉCILE MAILFERT, of blueEnergy France* -
PARIS, Aug 1 (Tierramérica) - For the past six years, French and U.S. engineers have been installing solar panels and wind turbines in the southeastern Nicaraguan town of Bluefields, promoting clean energy and development among the region's Rama indigenous peoples.

BURKINA FASO: Race to Achieve Goals on Sanitation
Brahima Ouédraogo
OUAGADOUGOU, Jul 31 - The government of Burkina Faso has embarked on the construction of 55,000 latrines each year to improve access to proper sanitation for the population from the present 10 percent to 54 percent by 2015.

MALAWI: Innovative Campaigning by Women Candidates
Claire Ngozo
LILONGWE, Jul 30 - You will find Beauty Kasonda on her campaign trail at funerals, weddings, church functions or just about any local gathering in her community. Kasonda does not have the sort of funding her male counterparts have for campaigning in the country's November 2010 elections but she is not letting that stop her.

POLITICS-GUINEA: Women Amongst Also-Rans in Presidential Elections
Saliou Samb
CONAKRY, Jul 30 - Celou Dalein Diallo gained a significant advantage over Alpha Condé, his main rival for the Guinean presidency, when a third candidate said he would back Diallo in a second round of voting in August. But what has become of women candidates for high political office in this West African country?

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