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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Help ONE save the International Affairs Budget and move the MDGs forward

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Recently Maryamu Aminu, the Director for Government Relations for ONE sent me some bad news . The Senate Budget Committee leaders ignored our voices and singled-out the International Affairs Budget for $4 billion in devastating cuts that could threaten programs critical to the health and survival of many poor people around the world. This despite more than 40,000 ONE members taking action and a record 31 senators responding by signing a letter to Senate Budget Committee leaders, urging full funding for the fight against global poverty. This is the second time ONE has requested we send an Urgent Message To [Insert Your Senator's Name Here] on U.S. International Affairs Budget.

Both of my Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer added their names to a new effort to restore funding and American leadership to the fight against global poverty and disease which is essential if the Millennium Development Goals are to be met. I featured Senator Boxer's support in the post Senator Barbara Boxer Speaks Up for the Millennium Development Goals.

I sent the message to my to Senators asking them to please fix this budget by signing the bipartisan appropriations letter, sponsored by Senators Kerry and Lugar, that supports full funding for the State-Foreign Operations bill.

For about 1.5% of the overall U.S. Budget we can have a tremendous impact on the world on ONE (and MDG) priorities such as debt relief for countries including Haiti; life-saving treatment and prevention measures for AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria; and programs empowering women, promoting agricultural development, and enrolling millions of children in school.

You can sent a message to your Senators by clicking here. ONE is seeking 25,000 responses and has 14,572 with me. So far 3,217 fellow Californians have signed the petition. My two cents to my Senators is below.

This message is going to both of my California Senators who have worked in the past on Humanitarian issues. Senator Boxer has been especially supportive in the past having been kind enough to send me an email bakck on August 14, 2009 stating, "I am pleased to report that the Senate has voted to fully fund President Obama's request for the Fiscal Year 2010 International Affairs Budget. S.Con.Res.13 includes $51.7 billion in funding, a significant and necessary increase over FY2009 funding levels. Please know that I will work to maintain this level of funding as the appropriations process continues." I am asking both her and her fellow California Senator to keep that promise. More and more we see that the way to world stability both economically and political cannot be at the end of a gun. The United States must take a lead role in working with other countries to solve the planet's problems.

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