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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Social Media are Tools Not a Campaign but here are 10 that can help make a Campaign

Sphere: Related Content has a new video on 10 Tactics you can use in getting support for your favorite cause say the Millennium Development Goals for example. (OK not so new, its been sitting in my drafts for ages but anyway)

Tactical Technology Collective is the premiere international training organization for rights activists interested in using information and digital technology to create positive change. They have recently released a film that beautifully presents 10 key tactics in info-activism. The tactics are:
  1. Mobilise People
  2. Witness and Record
  3. Visualise Your Message
  4. Amplify Personal Stories
  5. Just Add Humour
  6. Investigate and Expose
  7. How to Use Complex Data
  8. Use Collective Intelligence
  9. Let People Ask the Questions
  10. Manage Your Contacts

10 tactics for turning information into action (Trailer) from Tactical Technology Collective on Vimeo.

The film has a dedicated site,, where you can check out a local screening (or host your own), and help Tactical Tech promote the film. It’s just what activists need: clear, timely, and concise information that can be easily put into action.

The dedicated site also has individual videos for each of the 10 methods. What is becoming more obvious to me is that one individual, especially one not engaged full time in this arena needs to collaborate with others.

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