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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Changing the world through the union of small voices in pray and meditation

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Tomorrow is another Bloggers Unite event. Writing on the World Wide Web is still to a large extent similar to putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean. Actually, it is better because I have discovered that the Internet is far more connected than I had surmised and if you send something off, somebody is very likely to see it. Bloggers Unite provides a forum where those with small bottles can join with those with far bigger bottles for their messages.

Why am I going on about messages and bottles? Because the Blogger Unite event tomorrow is

Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day

A Call to unite our hearts as one in prayer and meditation for timely transformations."World Shift Day will launch a 24 hour meditation and prayer marathon to encircle the globe starting with the Mt. Fuji event where over ten thousand people will gather in a ceremony for peace and the awakening of all humanity.

I was thinking again why I do this even though it obviously has little affect for my own basically solitary efforts. Especially when I have admitted in the past that while I do work to hopefully make the world better, I am not that social (seen as kind, friendly enough but not that social though I am currently trying to network with others).

I have written before of "small voices", a concept I find appealing particularly in light of achieving democratic involvement on the web (can everyone in an online democratic exchange have top ranking?)

What came to me yesterday is that these efforts are seeking influence and change for the better without seeking power. All the small voices that share that ocean with me and seek to provide some knowledge or insights into making the world a better place often do so without seeking personal benefit or gain. Seen in this light my efforts can only make sense only as part of a larger whole, that all these small voices together are slowly evolving and changing the World Wide Web and through it the world.

The same can be said of the Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day. This is a hopeful assumption which some will say has no empirical basis. I would argue that the very effort of being hopeful will have influence and that the potential positive leverage makes the "cost/benefit" ratio extremely inviting in regards to participation.

The has a mission statement that sounds in line with the efforts found online with Bloggers Unite and other World Wide Web efforts to change the world for the better:

Mission Statement
Creating higher consciousness
for 2012 and beyond
Generating critical mass for Timely Transformations on planet Earth

Claim your power to
Change the World
Change it in time
Change it for the better
May Peace Prevail On Earth

Our mission
To foster and promote:
An Inner evolution of consciousness
New thinking New values New visions
of the world

Igniting Timely Transformations
Global Peace Meditation and
Prayer Day events
Simultaneous global participation
Reports on the impact of collective
intentions, meditations and prayers
Mobilizing a critical mass of elevated consciousness
A World Shift from
BAU – Business as Usual ( Read More)
TT – Timely Transformation (Read More)

This does not mean that I believe that the world can be changed from prayer or meditation alone, any more than I believe that I can be saved with people merely standing up or well intentioned but meager slacktivist efforts like writing a blog. I see it not as creating a cause of change but a condition for change and the more of us who participate the greater the chances for change.

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