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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Update on the G20: Not Too Exciting, But It Could Have Been Worse

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I am one of millions watching, blogging over the last few posts, and waiting to see what the G20 would do in London. Thousands of mile away, I have made some slacktivist endeavors to encourage change on a multinational, billions dollar budget, global stage. Hopefully those other fellow millions put together helped make a difference. The EndPoverty2015 campaign, which was one of the impetuses for this blog, provided the following background leading up to the economic summit.

As world leaders meet in London on 2 April to discuss plans to address the current economic crisis, the Millennium Campaign and our civil society partners are calling on the G20 leaders to prioritise solutions for the poor. The economic crisis threatens to push more than 50 million more people into poverty and reverse achievements made on the Millennium Development Goals.

This crisis, manufactured in rich countries cannot be used as an excuse for rich countries to renege on their aid commitments to poor countries, which are already bearing the brunt of the financial crisis. Read our four policy demands and check out additional background information.

Anita Sharma on G20 Summit in London
Click here and visit the U.N. EndPoverty2015 G20 onlinespecial provided an update of the proceedings from Weekly March 30 - April 5:

The world's heads of state gathered in London at the G20 summit this week to talk about what to do about the economic crisis. Our own Humanitarian Relief blogger Michael Kleinman was there too as a credentialed blogger, reporting on the meetings, food options, and the treatment of the media (hint: it could be better).

After discussing the state of the planet, the world leaders basically promised to do what they'd already set out to do before: reaffirm foreign aid spending pledges, outline new funding for "social protection," and echo their commitment to address climate change. Not too exciting.

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