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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Once Again Help Free Aung San Suu Kyi

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Hi, I have written about this before. So have others though too many seem to be from Burma or Burma-related according to Sphere-it. For me, it was in support of an Avaaz action. Most of these words though modified are also taken from Avaaz, though the links are mine.

You remember the monks marching for democracy in Burma a couple of years ago who were brutally attacked by the military regime? Many of them are still locked away and have been languishing since in brutal Burmese prisons.

But now brave ex prisoners and activists are pushing for the release of all political prisoners, including Nobel peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi. Ex Presidents are supporting their campaign and the UN is finally beginning to get some out of jail.

I can't make any great claims to advocacy but my online persona has grown since 2007. I have signed a petition calling on UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to prioritise their release. The more of us that sign, the more we make clear that the release of all prisoners is important to citizens across the world. So I am asking once again that you sign here and tell your friends!

This effort seems to have minimal impact in the main stream media. From Sphere-It, I found two recent articles.

  1. UN says Burma detention 'illegal'
    12 days ago from BBC
  2. Suu Kyi detention breaks Myanmar law: U.N. body -
    12 days ago from
The BBC report quoted Jared Genser, the Washington-based legal counsel to Ms Suu Kyi, who admitted that Burma's ruling military junta was unlikely to bow to UN advice on its own law.
No illusions

"I'm under no illusion that Aung San Suu Kyi will be immediately released because of this judgment. But at the same time I do think it is an important small step forward," he said.

We can all take a small step, we can all speak with a small voice. Here are others speaking about this issue.

  1. Burma news update San Oo Aungs Weblog
    3 days ago from San Oo Aung’s Weblog
  2. The sky is not blue in Burma
    4 days ago from Burma Newscasts
  3. Suu Kyi news on Chinese TV | ABITSU - All Burma I.T Students Union
  4. Seventeen US lawmakers have expressed deep concern over reports that the Obama administration is considering lifting economic sanctions against Burma and urged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to appoint a special coordinator for Burma.
    1 day ago from democracy for burma
    “We are greatly concerned about reports that during a recent visit by a senior US diplomat to Burma, this official ...
  5. Too many nations have forgotten that the Burmese military brutally crushed unarmed monks and civilians showing their support, resulting in the death of hundreds of protestors and detention of thousands more.
    5 days ago from democracy for burma
  6. Burma
  7. US Disappointed by Suu Kyi’s Detention
    6 days ago from The Sail
  8. Suu Kyi Climbs Higher in Time Magazine Poll
    4 days ago from ENGLISH DEYEA NEWS
  9. Article by Kyi May Kaung -- "Out of Burma" originally in Foreign Policy in Focus -- about state of Burmese literature and literature about Burma --
    4 days ago from KyiMayKaung
  10. Aung San Suu Kyi
    4 days ago from Annalisa's Blog
    Aung San Suu Kyi är en kvinna som ofta beskrivs som Burmas Ghandi, en kämpe mot det rådande förtrycket i Burma. I år är ...

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