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Friday, April 17, 2009

Once Again Stand Up and Take Action - October 16-18, 2009

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Another quick "slap-it-in" post, this is the reason why this blog got started in the first place. When I get a chance to learn more I will post it.

In 2006, 23 million people stood up, in 2007 47 million people, last year 116 million people Stood Up and Took Action. Let's break the record again this year and send a louder message than ever - achieve the Millennium Developments

Why Stand Up and Take Action in 2009?
For the fourth year in a row, millions of people around the world will Stand Up and Take Action to show their support for the fight against poverty and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This year Stand Up will take place against the backdrop of a deepening financial crisis and a slowing global economy. It is a time of great challenge for development in general and the MDGs in particular. Already we are seeing the potentially devastating impact of this on the world's poorest and most vulnerable. We know that the current economic climate threatens to undo and possibly even reverse the very significant gains that have been made towards achieving the MDGs. With just six years left to the 2015 deadline for the achievement of the Goals, we cannot afford to let this happen. The achievement of the MDGs must remain a priority on the global political and public agenda. In this environment, Stand Up is a vital opportunity to send a clear and urgent message to world leaders and decision makers and raise the political stakes. Our policy messages and actions must reflect the urgency of the situation and must be an instrument to convey the sense of our growing impatience and intolerance of excuses for and distractions from the implementation of policies and programmes that address the poorest and most vulnerable.

October 16th, 17th, 18th, 2009: From 12 a.m. GMT (relevant local time) on the 16th October to 11.39 p.m. GMT (relevant local time) on the 18th October

Wherever people who want to be involved in the fight against poverty and support the achievement of the MDGs are.

Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now! A three day mobilization to send a loud and clear message from citizens to leaders of rich and poor countries to take urgent action to achieve the MDGs. And once again break the Guinness World Record. Participants will need to register their event at before the start of the mobilization and then to report their numbers after they have taken part. Numbers will be counted and verified by Guinness World Records.

Umbrella Logo and Slogan
The Stand Up, Take Action component of the logo will remain the same as last year. The second line slogan will be replaced with a more urgent and demanding call to "end poverty now!"

Thematic Focus
This year Stand Up will once again provide an energetic, high impact platform for people to raise the profile of MDG- related issues relevant to their region, country or community. However, this year Stand Up will begin on October 16th, World Food Day, and on this one day the focus on food security and on hunger will be greater. As always, the policy demands will be determined at the national and local levels by participants. But in recognition of the fact that many of the MDGs directly linked to the status of women are not doing well, campaigners are encouraged to give this year's Stand Up a clear focus on holding governments accountable for improving the status of women and their rights. This might range from a focus on improving maternal mortality or hunger and nutritional status for women and girls in poor countries. In rich countries this could be adapted to demanding urgent reform of trade-distorting agricultural subsidies.

Stand Up: Wherever you are. Alone, in a group or as part of an organization, choose a moment in these three days to physically and intentionally Stand Up and Take Action.

Take Action: Standing Up is the first step in any process of action. It is the signal of intent to actively engage.

Strengthening Actions to Achieve Maximum Policy Impact
This year the intention is to significantly strengthen the action component of the mobilization. It is for the participants and partners in each context to determine the actions that will be most effective to hold governments accountable for the realisation of the MDGs. It is essential that there is a direct link between the actions and the MDG-related policy demands that are being made. A major focus of this year's Stand Up will be to target Parliamentarians/legislators at the Federal (and where appropriate) at the provincial level. This could include early planning to persuade Parliamentarians to Stand Up in the house, to organize a Parliamentary debate and to pass necessary laws and policies for the achievement of the MDGs. Writing to Parliamentarians through letters, emails or text messages in large numbers can make a difference.

Top line Messages to leaders and policy makers
• Time is running out, urgent and decisive implementation of MDG-related policies, budgets and programmes cannot wait any longer
• Do not use the financial crisis as an excuse for ignoring and reneging on your commitments to the MDGs, we, the citizens of your own countries will not stand for it. The poor didn't cause this crisis; they can't be allowed to suffer for it.
• Do not believe that internal domestic challenges such as job losses, financial instability and insecurity will drive societies inwards. Despite these domestic challenges, it is clear now more than ever, that we live in an interdependent world and that we need to find global solutions to revert the current scenario. This is why we are even more ready to Stand Up and demand that promises made to end poverty and inequality are kept, for us and for everyone.

The Pledge
This year r the pledge will be a more integral and central part of Stand UP. We will encourage everyone who takes part to include the reading of the pledge. A copy of the pledge with two sections, one which will be determined globally, which can be read out at all levels, will be made available online and through direct dissemination. The other will be adapted in each context. Participants are encouraged to adapt, revise and translate the second part of the pledge to serve their needs.
Read the Stand Up pledge when you stand up. Wherever possible record the reading of the pledge on video, audio tape recorder or with a photograph and send these to us. Send us your updated pledge so we can post it online.

Materials and advertising campaigns
Materials for Stand Up, Take Action will be designed and disseminated by regional and national Campaigns within their own relevant design parameters. The prescribed components of the materials will be:
Stand Up, Take Action Logo
Red, black and white color theme
A set of global materials will also and made available for adaptation should anyone wish to utilize these.
Partners and campaigners at the national and local levels will also generate their own appropriate advertising and promotional campaigns for Stand Up. An online promotional campaign will be generated at the global level.
Useful materials to consider include:
1. Promotional brochure: Outlining exactly how to take part in Stand Up, how to register beforehand and how to record your numbers. This will be designed and produced by national Campaigns
2. Event in a Box: This will be generated globally and will include logo designs and translations, collateral designs, banners, a template press release and messaging, designs for T-shirts, caps and banners and the pledge. Any other suggestions of materials or collateral for inclusion in the Event in a Box are welcome.
3. National policy demands outlined and disseminated as a one pager to be generated at national level
4. An internal resource for UN Millennium Campaign, GCAP and other key partners involved in counting will be produced with guidelines for counting, spread sheeting and submitting numbers
All of these materials and collateral will also be available for download at:

High Visibility Events
Recognizing the need for a reinforced approach to Stand Up events which will further increase press and media interest, it has been decided that a number of solid, high-visibility events should be organized in each of the regions this year. These events will form the entry points and anchors for promoting Stand Up as a whole and attracting the attention of a wider spectrum of press and media coverage.

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