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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Ongoing Campaign Against Malaria

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This Saturday was World Malaria Day. I did not do a post on the day of the event. While it may have some promotional benefits in regards to raising awareness having single awareness days for causes has some limitations. More importantly, I know that this post will potentially reach more through the long tail of search engines than it will through my small but appreciated cadre of subscribers. This issue is of concern to this blog as it is within Millennium Development Goal 6. Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Below are some links from various sources dealing with this issue. First are some basic facts from Scientific American explaining both where we are and where we hope to go. I actually do subscribe to the magazine. There do seem to be glimmers of hope with the new vaccines, but at the very far end of the tunnel, more sustained globally-coordinated action is needed now.

In-Depth Report: A Guide to Malaria

The international community has just two years to meet the United Nations' 2010 goal of providing protection and treatment to every person threatened by malaria. Can it be done?

The second is from CoolPeopleCare written by Sam Davidson who urges

Let's put an end to malaria.

Sam reminds us of the nearly three million children in Sub-Saharan Africa who are in danger despite on needing something simple as a simple bed net that could be purchased through organizations like Sweet Sleep. He also provides the opportunities to join the commitment to ensure that everyone in malaria-affected regions has access to essential prevention and treatment services by 2010 or by sending a postcard to help raise awareness. As Sam says, Malaria, like poverty, can be stopped, and we can be the generation to stop it.

Click here to Count yourself in

Finally, Care2 offers additional means of helping. You can get to those means from here.

care2 petitionsite actionAlert

"I pledge to give up buying cookies for 2 weeks..."
"I pledge to ride my bike to work instead of driving this week..."
"I pledge to cook at home one night instead of eating out..."

Sometimes, it doesn't take much to save a life. It can be an action as small and simple as forgoing one movie ticket. Just $10 can buy a lifesaving bed net, send it to Africa and show a family how to properly hang it.

What small pledge will you make to save a life from malaria? Share your pledge and save a life »

Often, the lifesaving solution is simple: refugees in Uganda, Sudan and Tanzania need bed nets. With your help, families in these refugee camps can get bed nets before the rainy season arrives in eastern Africa. What are you willing to give up for a few days in order to save a life? Please make a difference and help save the life of a refugee in Africa today »

Thank you for helping,

Care2 Campaign Team
< Saturday, April 25 is World Malaria Day.
Send a Net - Save a Life. It's Truly That Simple »

A postcard has been sent from the World Malaria Day web site from Brian Dowling.
World Malaria Day postcard

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