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Saturday, March 6, 2010

GROWTH in Empowerment means Economic Growth for Developing Countries

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This coming Monday is Women's International Day which is being celebrated by two BloggerUnite events International Women's Day with BlogCatalog and International Women's Day with AmnestyISOnline. There is a natural connection with this blog through the United Nations' Millennium Campaign Goal 3. Gender Equity.

I am finally getting around to writing the posts and there has been a tremendous amount of information available on the web. Somethings shouldn't wait until Monday. and Accion International
are Fighting poverty by supporting the economic empowerment of women worldwide by drumming up support for the Global Resources and Opportunities for Women to Thrive (GROWTH) Act (S. 1425) through encouraging co-sponsorships in the United States Senate. I just wrote my to two Senators becoming one of 1,807 people who signed so far. They are looking for 2,500 but considering what day Monday is you would think that they could go far beyond that. What everyone participating is telling their Senators is:

This innovative, bi-partisan piece of legislation would improve the effectiveness of U.S. international assistance and trade policy by focusing on economic opportunities for marginalized women in developing countries. The GROWTH Act would help millions of women lift themselves and their families out of poverty through access to microfinance. It would also empower women in poor countries in the following areas: small business ownership, land and property rights, equal wages and working conditions, and global trade opportunities.
Microfinance efforts have shown again and again that economically empowered women invest in the nutritional, health and educational needs of their children, helping to lift their families and communities out of poverty.
Unfortunately, women face unequal barriers and hardships in many underdeveloped regions. The GROWTH Act would work to address those obstacles.
I urge you to make moving the GROWTH Act (S. 1425) forward one of your top priorities this year.

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to your response on this important issue.
My two cents were: This coming Monday, March 8, 2010 is International Women's Day. There would be no better recognition of the importance of women to the betterment of the world than passing the Growth Act. It will also be an important milestone in addressing the 3rd Millennium Development Goal Gender Equity.

This is the second time I have supported the GROWTH Act. Back in January Women Thrive Worldwide saw my profile on and sought my support for their organization which I am more than happy to give.
We advocate on behalf of women and girls living in poverty around the world.

As you may know, we develop bills aimed at ensuring that international development projects and programs take into account the needs of vulnerable populations. One bill, the GROWTH Act, is currently in the Senate and, if passed, would give women in poor countries access to land and property rights, small loans to start their own businesses, and improve wage and working conditions. We need your help in reaching out to US Senators to urge the to pass this bill. I hope that you get a chance to sign our petition and join our community! Thanks for your support!
Others supporting GROWTH
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