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Friday, July 9, 2010

Telling President Obama: First Lead America to Clean Energy Now Then the World

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The Environmental Defense Action Fund put out the video above to make the point that

As far back as Richard Nixon, every president has called for energy reform and action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. And for 40 years, not a single one followed through forcibly enough to make change happen.

They are looking to encourage President Obama to turn his public commitment to passing strong climate and energy reform in 2010 into action. They need at least 50,000 signatures (click here) before the Senate comes back to work next week to send a strong message.

We have never been closer to success. What we have so far is our President's support. What we need is a full court press by White House officials to do what it takes to get the 60 votes needed to secure Senate passage of a bill.

Nothing short of that will do. History will be made this month. Please help us make this a chapter with a happy ending.
Getting an Energy Bill in the United States is important but it is not the end of the matter. We still need to address Millennium Development Goal No. 7. Environmental Sustainability. My letter to President Obama was geared in that direction.

Dear President Obama

You have given strong voice to the need to pass a comprehensive climate and energy bill to end our over-dependence on oil and other fossil fuels and to build America's clean energy future. Only then will we have the moral authority to help lead the rest of the world to a sustainable future. We thank you for your inspiring words. But now your words must be followed by your actions. As the BP Gulf Disaster makes all too tragically clear, the time for half measures is over. Now is the time to act.

Unless we get our own house in order, we will have little ability to convince the rest of the developed world and emerging markets that an environmentally sustainable planet as envisioned by the Seventh Millennium Development Goal is not a desirable objective but an essential one.
We need your constant, hands-on leadership to apply maximum pressure on the Senate to pass a strong bill. And we need you to direct your all-star team of cabinet members and White House staff to engage directly in making it happen. Failure simply cannot be an option.

If the USA fails in this then there is little hope for the rest of the world, because even if they to agree to take action or impact will be too great for it to make a difference.
We stand with you, Mr. President, and pledge to do our part to maintain unrelenting grassroots pressure to pass a strong bill. The time is now. The solution is clear. This is America's chance to finally break our addiction to oil and other fossil fuels. Please step up and use the full power of your good office to pass a strong climate and energy bill in the Senate this month. We cannot wait any longer.

Brian Dowling

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