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Monday, July 28, 2008

Mallory King Grows A Non-Profit In Her Neighborhood

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Having governments meet their obligations under the Millennium Development Goals is only the start of the struggle. There is still going to be the need to implement those programs and that will not be done by bureaucrats. The design community, using that term in the most inclusive manner possible, will play a large role. One such design company that already participates at both the local and global levels is Design 21. Jennifer Bonhomme via DESIGN 21 Recent Activity provides an example of Growing A Non-Profit with Mallory King back on 7/21/08.

After 20 years of experience working as a nonprofit professional in youth development and arts education with organizations like the YMCA and the Big Sister Association, I was inspired to found Arts to Grow from the ground up. I witnessed the power of arts learning to change kids’ outlooks on life, to open doors to new experiences, to harness their creative power and get them excited about learning.

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