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Monday, July 28, 2008

CONGDE: Spain and other rich countries break MDG promises

Sphere: Related Content CONGDE: Spain and other rich countries break MDG promises via End Poverty 2015 - Millennium Development Goals originally posted by admin on 4/8/08

Release of the official development assistance provisional figures in 2007 shows an alarming situation. Development assistance from OECD countries fell 8.4% this last year. In 2007, 103.655 millions of dollars were earmarked; although it could seem a similar quantity to the 104.421 from 2006, it's just equivalent to the inflate and exchange rate fixing 95.605 in constant terms in 2006.

These figures from 2007 show once again how rich countries do not commit to their promises of financing development in the poorest countries, and if they do not take urgent actions, the Millennium Development Goals will not be reached. Just five countries give 0.7% of their GNI (Gross National Income) to ODA- Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, Denmark and Holland.
From the 22 countries that belong to the Development Assistance Committee (DAC), 9 have raised their assistance and 13 have fallen. Spain has raised its assistance 33.8%, which makes it the seventh world donor in absolute terms, and the ninth in effort rate terms, earmarking 0.41% GNI for ODA, although it is still far from the promised 0.7%.

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