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Saturday, February 20, 2010

You Told Your Senator Now Tell President Obama Support Malaria Vaccination Research

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This is still in line with the post I did earlier today. It has been in drafts for over a month but it is an ongoing effort so I decided to put it up.

The Millennium Development Goal No. 6 calls for us to Combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases especially malaria and reverse its trend across the globe, but that has to happen one child at a time. Care2 reminds us that the biggest battle against this disease is for the lives of our children. It's time we stop these needless deaths and develop a vaccine against malaria. »

Children are especially susceptible to malaria because of their fledgling immune systems. But scientists are developing a vaccine that could save millions around the world.

The vaccine reproduces the natural immunity against malaria that usually takes years to develop -- so it is especially beneficial to young children. It was extremely successful in tests in Mali, and studies are set to expand.
Tell President Obama to support studies of the malaria vaccine. »

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