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Monday, May 18, 2009


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One of the things that I have been wanting to do with this blog, besides finding the time to write it, was to highlight some of the organizations I have run across that are working on the Millennium Development Goals. The United Nations or the Millennium Campaign don't have to worry about being promoted. It is also important to keep in mind that a vast amount of work will be done regionally by small change-agent organizations that most people in the world will never hear about. The Web can make a small change in that. One medium of connection for this blog is the Orkut group End POVERTY / Fim POBREZA. There I connected with SAHASH INDIA NGO:

Hi Sir,
We just started this NGO 3 year ago with youth and are doing well & trying to achieve the MDG's with some legal requirements to work out. As soon as our legal status is completed, we hope we can do better for our society with your suggestions.

What I found fascinating is that a fledgling non-profit can leverage its self on the global stage through Web 2.0 tools. Whether it can do so at great enough scale is the question. Is there a Asian or Indian dgCommunities, ICCO or ComPart through which they could be working for greater collaboration? There does seem to be at least two sites, though neither are Asian or Indian in origin. The first is LinkNGO. They have a demonstration site. Here is the SAHASH (About Us - Welcome)site. The other is at WiserEarth. Here is their link for WiserEarth page Organization: Society for Animal Health Agriculture Science and Humanity - WiserEarth. They both provide important information about Sahash India NGO. They are also fellow Bloggers at SAHASH INDIA NGO.

I know that such levels of collaborative web programs have been created in India through my other blog Creating Economic Opportunity At All Levels. In my view though it is the European organizations such as EUFORIC Europe's Forum On International Cooperation that have the most to teach us about Web 2.0 collaboration. This is where the web could make a substantial difference in making the world a better place.

The work of Sahash India NGO will be at a regional level, but if it is not supported at a national level and we do not support groups like it at a global level, then the viability of reaching the 2015 Millennium Development Goals is highly questionable. It certainly can't be done by only outsiders to the region where the problems exist. It is not simply a matter of getting the G20 to agree, commit and live up to that commitment. A tremendous amount of management and resource organization must occur from the halls of the United Nations and other global organizations to the on-the-ground providers.

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