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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Looking for the next Pandemic, a game online, life and death offline

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Yesterday's post linked to my new fundraising page FightAIDSTuberculosisMalaria as part of my recent page. Below is a post on Global Health that was sent to me from weekly by way of their Blog for Change. The blogger Alanna Shaikh is trying to determine what the next pandemic could be. Revisiting her site should provide updates to which disease is currently in front in the race. That night my two nieces were talking about an online game Pandemic II. The idea of the game is to wipe out the entire world population, which beyond a number of other questionable premises, makes little sense from an evolutionary perspective (for the virus, not for us). Perhaps the game could be used to test various diseases against each other. What would be even better is if somebody came up with a WHO versus Pandemic game where one could learn the challenges facing global health delivery.

  • Alanna Shaikh has spent the last ten years immersed in global health; she has worked for NGOs, companies, universities, and the US government on projects that ranged from preventing antibacterial resistance to improving maternal and child health. She has decided to try picking the next pandemic.
  • What will be the next global pandemic? Avian influenza? Smallpox? Well, in honor of March madness, I'm holding a tournament. We're going to find the next global pandemic, right here. We'll match up the scariest infectious diseases, and pick a winner - the next global pandemic.

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    • This is one of the challenges that faces us in achieving the 6th Millennium Development Goal combat HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

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