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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 Launch Against Poverty

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It has taken longer than it should have but this new weblog is finally ready to launch. Just in time because not only is the next Stand Up Take Action event set of October 17 - 19, 2008, but the next Blog Action Day is focused on Poverty and set for October 15, 2008. Obviously an opportunity that should not be missed. Information on the next Blog Action Day is provided below.

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Blog Action Day Launches!
It's been almost a year since, with your help, we held the smashingly successful Blog Action Day 2007, and as of a few hours ago, our 2008 campaign has officially begun. This year our theme is "Poverty" and we'll be encouraging bloggers around the world to once again explore this issue on your blogs on October 15th.

Click here to visit the 2008 Site

The 2008 campaign is already off to a big start with no less than 15 of the world's 100 most popular blogs according to have agreed to participate in Blog Action Day this year, including:,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,

Additionally Elena Valenciano, a prominent member of the Spanish Parliament and spokesperson for the Human Rights Committee will be taking part in Blog Action Day.

Ben Rattray, CEO of is supporting the event, and you can now get involved in the Blog Action Day Network on Change.

... And the campaign is only a few hours old! So without further ado, head over to, register your blogs, watch the new video, and explore the new site because we have an amazing year ahead of us!

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